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Capital Raising Platform for Companies

VIA Folio is an innovative online investment platform that provides companies with a simple way to engage investors with a fully integrated offering process.


Growing Great Businesses

VIA Folio works with successful businesses to help them grow, by making the capital raising process as automated, quick, and efficient as possible.

  • We provide online tools for accredited and/or non-accredited investors to easily review and immediately subscribe to
    your offering through a Folio brokerage account.
  • We make your offering available to our brokerage customers, certain RIAs on our advisor platform, and other broker-dealers and investment portals.
  • We enable individuals to invest in your offering with their taxable and IRA accounts; institutions may also invest.
  • We process the online closing of your offering and the issuance of securities to investors. Then, we support your needs for corporate actions, distributions, and investor communication.

Capital Raising Process

First Steps

Capital raising is serious business that requires significant time, effort, and attention to detail. We make it easier for you by providing a straightforward roadmap to get you started on the right path. You will be ready to work with us after you have completed the following four critical steps.

1. Offering Documents
  • Consult with an experienced securities attorney to create your offering document.
2. Distribution Plan
  • Determine what resources (budget, people, marketing materials, sales efforts) will be utilized for your distribution efforts.
3. Marketing Content
  • Write marketing content drawn from the offering document for review by your attorney.
4. Due Diligence Preparation
  • Complete the VIA Folio due diligence questionnaire and prepare supporting due diligence files.

Next Steps (estimated timeframes)

We help you to bring your offering to market using our streamlined, online process.
5. Agreements (one week)
  • You sign a custody agreement, and a distribution agreement that includes pricing and services details.
6. VIA Folio’s Due Diligence (one month)
  • We review your offering documents, perform due diligence on the company, the offering, and the principals of the company.
7. Offer Posting and Distribution(one day)
  • If we approve your offer, it will be posted on,,, and
  • It may also be posted on investment portal and broker/dealer websites that utilize our platform.
8. Subscription Process (chosen offering period)
  • You may monitor the investor subscription process online in real time on the VIA Folio dashboard.
  • VIA Folio conducts Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) and investor accreditation checks on each U.S. subscriber.
9. Closing (one day)
  • Investors who subscribe to your offer must fund their accounts prior to closing.
  • The offer closing is conducted online and includes the exchange of cash and shares in investor accounts. Investors enjoy the benefits of holding private securities in an online brokerage account.
10. Servicing (ongoing)
  • Our online platform assists with corporate actions, distributions, investor documents and proxy voting. These services help to you save time and money.
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