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Bluerock Residential Growth REIT

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Bluerock Residential Growth REIT (NYSE: BRG) is a publicly-traded REIT formed to acquire institutional-quality apartment properties in growth markets across the United States. Bluerock seeks to maximize returns through investments where it believes it can drive substantial growth in its funds from operations and net asset value through one or more of its Value-Add, Opportunistic, and Invest-to-Own investment strategies. Bluerock’s principal business objective is to generate attractive risk-adjusted investment returns by assembling a high-quality portfolio of apartment properties located in demographically attractive growth markets.

Investment Offering

Bluerock is offering Series T Redeemable Preferred Stock. The annualized cash dividend on the Series T shares, intended to be paid monthly, is 6.15% of the “Stated Value,” as that term is defined in the offering documents. Dividend payments are not guaranteed.

The Series T shares are expected to provide investors with an annual stock dividend of 0.20% of the Stated Value, intended to be paid annually for up to five years.

The Series T Redeemable Preferred Stock will rank on parity with Bluerock Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock (also known as Series A Preferred Stock), Series B Redeemable Preferred Stock (also known as Series B Preferred Stock), Series C Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock (also known as Series C Preferred Stock), Series D Cumulative Preferred Stock (also known as Series D Preferred Stock), and senior to BRG Class A common stock with respect to payment of dividends and distribution of amounts upon liquidation, dissolution or winding up.

Investors have the right to redeem Series T shares at the stated value, subject to a four-year declining redemption fee schedule and other limitations (see the prospectus for details). Bluerock also has the right to exercise a call option at the stated value beginning two years from issuance.

Bluerock will not pay any selling commissions in connection with the sale of shares of Series T Redeemable Preferred Stock to investors whose contracts for investment advisory and related services include a fixed or “wrap” fee feature, or for sales made to a client of a registered investment advisor through such advisor.

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  • Total issue: $500 million
  • Minimum investment: $5,000, which may be waived in the dealer manager’s sole discretion
  • Offering price:
    • Brokerage accounts: $25 per share
    • Advised asset-based fee accounts: $23.25 per share
  • Cash Dividend: : 6.15% per year payable monthly (dividend objectives may not be met, and other limitations may apply, see the offering document(s) for additional information)
  • Stock dividend: 0.20% per year, payable annually (dividend objectives may not be met, and other limitations may apply, see the offering document(s) for additional information)
  • Dealer manager: Bluerock Capital Markets, LLC
  • Available to accredited and non-accredited investors


Note: This offer is only available through third-party broker-dealers and registered investment advisors.

Offering Documents

Offering Circular


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